Maize / Corn Huller

(Emery Roller type, to remove yellow skin of corn seed) Capacity 1 ton to 3 ton/hr


  • M.S Fabricated Steel Body supported on Fabricated Steel Angles.
  • Well Balanced Emery Roller mounted on aligned roller bearing.
  • Tapper emery rulla Type.
  • Standard size sieve fitted for maize hulling through friction.
  • Maize Huller Polishes Maize by removing the Bran (Outer Layer) through friction as it passes through the chamber between the EMERY ROLLER and Standard Size Sieve.
  • Maize Hullers require low maintenance and lower operational costs and does not need any skilled labour force to operate the machinery.
  • Superior quality emery roller polishes maize and removes the bran with ease and lasts for years.
  • All models are suitable to run by Diesel engine or electric motor.

1 SIZE: 16”X14”X33”X2.5 with fan & stand 15H.P OUT PUT 2500 KG/H
2 SIZE: 14”X12”X33”X2.5 with fan & stand 12H.P OUTPUT 2000 KG /HR
3 SIZE: 12”X10”X30”X2 with fan & stand 10H.P OUTPUT 1000 KG/HR
4 SIZE: 10”X9”X30”X2 with fan & stand 8H.P OUTPUT 600 KG/HR